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The Teether is a submachine gun wielded by demon hunter Garcia Hotspur and is a product of a transformation by Johnson, a demon that acts as a tool for Garcia to use. The Teether's name comes from the fact that it uses demon teeth as ammunition.

Other forms[]

The Teether can be transformed into two different weapons when you get the proper Blue Gems, being the Teethgrinder, and The Dentist.


This version of the Teether is really powerful, as it shoots a great quantity of bullets thanks to its multiple cannons. The only disadvantage is its acurracy, since it fires many bullets, creating a higher recoil.

The Dentist[]

The final version of the Teether. The Dentist is an extremely acurrate and powerful weapon. Well, the acurrate part is what matters: it can shoot HOMING bullets. First, aim without shooting. You'll see some markings on your enemy. When the markings are red, shoot and start the surgery!