The Monocussioner is a shotgun wielded by demon hunter Garcia Hotspur and is a product of a transformation by Johnson, a demon that acts as a tool for Garcia to use. The ammunition used by the Monocussioner are demon skulls. It can be upgraded into the Skullcussioner, the Skullfest 9000, and the Skullblaster. The Monocussioner can only hold one round, hence requires reloading after every shot.



The Skullcussioner is an upgraded version of the Monocussioner. Once it is upgraded to this form, it opens up more upgrade options and holds a maximum of 4 rounds instead of the original 1.


Johnson can now turn into the SKULLCUSSIONER!

The Skullcussioner is a powerful impact weapon shooting big Demon's Skulls.

Close range impacts can be devastating. Have fun!

Skullfest 9000Edit

This is the Monocussioner's second upgrade. It can shoot 4 bullets at the same time. To do this, hold the fire button until the weapon has 4 skulls.


Johnson's Skullcussioner has be upgraded to SKULLFEST 9000!

You can now shoot up to four Demon's Skulls at once for massive carnage!

While holding Aim and hold the fire button to load up multiple skulls then release the hounds and enjoy!


This is the final upgrade of the Monocussioner. When the 4 skulls are loaded, keep holding the fire button. The four skulls will transform into a Skull BomB, which will explode seconds after being released. Release the fire button to shoot the Skull Bomb away. This is also the only way to hit what is inside the green barriers.


Johnson's Skullfest 9000 has be upgraded to SKULLBLASTER!

You can now shoot a massive rolling Bomb and destroy everything that comes in your way.

While holding Aim and hold the fire button to load four skulls, then wait a little bit more for the rolling Bomb to form and then release it!

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