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Justine is the seventh boss in the game and is also the sixth and final member of Fleming's VIP's overall. She is frequently seen dragging Paula away to some new torture.


Justine is a pretty young blonde who wears a revealing outfit that has many capsules, pods, and vessels. At one point, these contraptions allow her to fly. She always dances gracefully to her destination. However, in the battle against her, she manifests as a giant mannequin, and her outfit shoots drops of green liquid at Garcia Hotspur. She wears a helmet of sorts, which must be destroyed during the battle.


See Beauty Is Blind.

Powers and Abilities[]

As mentioned above, she is able to fly at least for a short time. She is able to shapeshift or transform into Paula.

During the boss battle against her, she shoots green drops of harmful liquid. After her helmet is destroyed, she grabs Garcia in her giant hand. After holding him for a while, she throws him to the edge of the screen, but this does not harm Garcia.


  • Interestingly enough, even though she serves as one of the final bosses of the game, Justine is also the very first VIP introduced in the game and also has the most appearances of all the VIPs.
  • After she is defeated, Justine is seen crying in her statue form. However, after Garcia and Johnson leave the area, Justine is still seen crying. This could mean that either Garcia chose to spare her, or simply forgot due to the blue gem behind her.