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Johnson (ジョンソン, Jonson) is Garcia Hotspur's sidekick, closest friend, only weapon, and also serves as his mode of transportation (motorcycle). Following the death of his girlfriend Paula, Garcia Hotspur seeks the help of Johnson for his ability to shapeshift into a series of firearms. Together they combat Paula's Hellish captors in an effort to free her.[1]


Johnson was once a normal demon within the City of the Damned until he was cursed and banished. At some point Garcia won Johnson in a bet and they developed a strong friendship. He has a taste for strawberries, and a very colored history among the red light district of the City of the Damned, once a frequent visitor to the Angel Kiss hostess club. His favorite story from the City library is of the Unbreakable Huntress, the first female demon huntress to face Fleming.

Shadows of the Damned[]

After the suicide of his girlfriend, Paula, Johnson accompanies Garcia on his journey through the City of the Damned. Johnson serves as Garcia's guide to the Underworld, explaining the bizarre world to Garcia as best he can.

Powers & Abilities[]

While Johnson's original demon form is unknown, his current form is of a floating, flaming skull with metal horns, piercings across his jawline, and minute gem inlays across his brow and jaw. He can form a scepter staff below himself, allowing Garcia to use him as a melee weapon. This form is a holdover from the initial Kurayami concept, where the prototype-Garcia was to use a torch as a weapon. He can also transform into a motorcycle, shown between Act 1 and Act 2, essentially functioning as Garcia's main means of long distance transportation.

Johnson can also transform into various firearms. His initial forms are the Boner revolver and Monocussioner shotgun. As Garcia progresses through the City of the Damned, he comes across Blue Gems, which grant Johnson new or upgraded forms.


  • Johnson is voiced by Jonny Rees (as Greg Ellis).