Giltine Grim is the boss of Act 4-3, where she is fought in a demonic library.


See Psychopomp & Circumstance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Giltine is much larger than her sisters, and hovers back and forth at one end of the room. She throws two huge spinning scythes at the player, one after the other. She also throws her scythes to the ceiling, where they multiply into about six, which then fly at the player. After receiving some damage, she adds a third move in which she causes two enormous scythes to travel across the floor in the direction of the player.

Her face is red and must be shot repeatedly to cause her to summon darkness. Once darkness has enveloped the room, her dark core on her stomach can be shot. If it is damaged enough to shatter, the darkness will disperse. Alternatively, the player can hit the Goat Head on the wall behind her with a Light Shot, but this will end the current opportunity to damage Giltine. While the darkness is active, demons also appear in the room. This battle offers and endless supply of demons, and therefore and endless source of White Gems. There is a vending machine in the room that sells Absinthe.