Gems are currency in Shadows of the Damned.

White GemsEdit

White Gems are used to buy drinks from vending machines, and to make purchases from Christopher. White Gems are dropped by demons after they are destroyed, and sometimes in crates and barrels.


White Gems are considered the official currency in the Demon World. Collect them and use them to buy new items from Vending Machines or Christopher.

Red GemsEdit

Red Gems upgrade your weapons.

Blue GemsEdit

Blue Gems unlock new weapons forms for Johnson. Blue Gems are only found after defeating bosses, such as George Reed.


Blue Gems are very rare in the Demon World, and are usually possessed only by big, arrogant Demons. Blue Gems are said to possess enhancement powers, and when applied to Johnson's skull, it will be possible to obtain new weapons and/or new functions.

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