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-Elliot Thomas' only known words

Elliott Thomas is a boss and secondary antagonist, one of Fleming's leiutenants who dwells within theCity of the Damned.


See The Legend of Stinky Crow.


After his death, Elliot was sent to Hell, apparently for the sin of suicide as well as the sin of anger due to his hatred of the bullies who tormented him. Fleming, however, seemed to take pity on Elliot or, like Garcia, admired Elliot's "cojones", and made Elliot one of his lieutenants, VIPs who got special treatment in the underworld.

Like the other Lieutenants, George Reed and Justine Divangelo , Elliot gets what he always dreamed of: in this case the ability to fly. However, like the others, Elliot is warped and defined by the sins that caused his death. He becomes a lean, bird-like version of his former self, still dressed in the remains of his wingsuit, and has to replace the flesh and organs damaged in the fall by harvesting them from normal damned souls and wearing them.

Powers and Abilities[]

The battle with Elliot takes place on a bridge over a lake of lava. He immediately eats his own heart and proceeds to grow into a giant bird. He has a core on his chest that must be shot first. After this core is destroyed, his wings gain red stripes that must be shot. During these first two stages he sometimes shoots large glowing feathers which lodge in the bridge and envelope the whole area in darkness. Destroying these feathers will disperse the darkness. During the second stage, he sometimes picks up a boulder from a rocky peak in the distance and hurls it at the player. This boulder can be dodged, but the following shockwave will knock Garcia off the bridge every time (needs verifying). Garcia will catch himself with one hand, and a quick time event button mashing session will get him back on the bridge. After Elliot's wings are clipped, he stomps up and down the bridge trying to jump on the player. A Light Shot to the crotch will reveal his final core. Once this is destroyed, he is defeated, and one of the Sisters Grim will finish him off.